Wed  6:30 pm              Doors Open
7:00  -  8:30 pm  Varying levels of participation and drills
8:40 -- Doors Closed
                                                         FEES (subject to change)  

$150 For 3 Months ($33/Month), 1 session/week (Weds Evenings)
    We collect fees in advance every 3 months. Mid-quarter starts are prorated.
    No contracts to sign.
Acton Kenpo


Acton-Kenpo is taking only people with martial arts
experience at this time. However, if you have prior martial
arts experience and wish to embed yourself in an American
(Parker) Kenpo environment, send us an email (see the
Location/Contacts page) and we will respond.

If you are a prior participant at Acton Kenpo and wish to
participate again, send us an email.

The number of participants in any class is typically quite small (less than 8),
so there is much opportunity for individual attention.
Private sessions
may be offered in the future.
NEW SCHEDULE AS of  July 2010