CIRCLES OF PROTECTION - front step through right overhead punch

CIRCLE OF DOOM - front straight right kick

BROKEN GIFT - handshake

HEAVENLY ASCENT - front two-hand choke - arms straight

CONQUERING SHIELD - front left stiff arm lapel grab - outside

CONQUERING SHIELD - front left stiff arm lapel grab - inside

TAMING THE MACE - front step through right uppercut

TWIRLING SACRIFICE - rear bear hug - arms pinned

CROSS OF DEATH - front two-hand cross choke

2nd BROWN BELT Requirements
Self-Defense Techniques
Physical Conditioning
Long Form 3 (SF3) -  blending together grab techniques
                               with extensions and footwork
                               (inherently symmetrical since one on left
                               and right sides)

Thesis Form: Early start on students own Black Belt Form
At this level the number of new self-defense
techniques starts to decrease. However,
competence in the earlier techniques is expected
to improve