DARTING MACE - front two-hand wrist grab

PARTING WINGS - front two-hand push

THUNDERING HAMMER - front straight right punch   

GIFT IN RETURN - front hand shake     

SQUEEZING THE PEACH - rear bear hug - arms pinned

BOW OF COMPULSION - front wrist lock against chest    

CALMING THE STORM - front right roundhouse club  

CIRCLING WING - rear two-hand choke; arms bent        

TWIN KIMONO - front two-handed lapel grab -- pull in  

HOOKING WINGS - front two-hand low push

SHIELD AND SWORD - front straight left punch

SLEEPER - front straight right punch  

SPIRALING TWIG - rear bear hug -- arms free  

FLIGHT TO FREEDOM - hammer lock       

OBSTRUCTING THE STORM - front right overhead club  

CROSS OF DESTRUCTION - rear two-hand choke
BLUE BELT Requirements
Self-Defense Techniques
Physical Conditioning
Short Form 2 (SF2) - defending while advancing using
                            point-of-origin concepts