CLUTCHING FEATHERS - front left hand hair grab

TRIGGERED SALUTE - front right hand direct push

DANCE OF DEATH - front straight right punch

GIFT OF DESTRUCTION - handshake grab

LOCKING HORNS - front headlock

LONE KIMONO - front left hand lapel grab

GLANCING SALUTE - front right hand cross push

FIVE SWORDS – step-thru right roundhouse punch

SCRAPING HOOF - full nelson

GRASP OF DEATH - left flank headlock

CROSSING TALON - front right cross wrist grab

SHIELDING HAMMER - front left hooking punch

THRUSTING SALUTE – step-thru front right straight kick

STRIKING SERPENT'S HEAD - front bear hug - arms free

LOCKED WING - hammerlock - rear right arm lock

OBSCURE WING - right flank left hand shoulder grab
Self-Defense Techniques
Physical Conditioning