TWIRLING WINGS - rear stiff-arm choke

REPEATING MACE - front left hand push

LEAPING CRANE - front step through right punch

BUCKLING BRANCH - front straight right kick

THRUSTING PRONGS - front bear hug - arms pinned

TWISTED TWIG - front wrist lock

EVADING THE STORM - front right overhead club

CRASHING WINGS - rear bear hug, arms free

CHARGING RAM - front tackle

SNAPPING TWIG - front left hand shoulder grab

REVERSING MACE - front straight left punch

SWINGING PENDULUM - front roundhouse right kick

SPREADING BRANCH - rear bear hug - arms pinned

CAPTURED LEAVES - flank finger lock (a 'come-along')

RAINING CLAW - front right uppercut punch

CRUSHING HAMMER - rear bear hug - arms pinned
Self-Defense Techniques
Physical Conditioning
Forms and Sets
Long Form 1 (LF1) - defending and countering while retreating

Finger Set - a dictionary of finger and hand strikes